The purpose of book of Ephesians is to strengthen the Believers in Ephesus Church of their faith. Paul talks of the purpose and nature of the Church which is the Body of Christ.

Paul is an Apostle who is chosen by the will of God- (vs 1). This tells us that every gift in a believer is given by God and is to be used in glorifying the giver of the gift who is God. “Paul an apostle of Christ”– this phrase shows some sense of ownership- God owns us, and our allegiance should be to him only.

The message of Paul is being delivered to the Ephesus church who are referred to as “The faithful in Christ.” What an awesome reputation that the believers today can possess. What joy will it be when Jesus comes and you are referred to as a faithful servant? Such a reputation will bring honor to any believer in this age.

Paul identifies with some of the list of blessings that God has unleashed in the Spiritual realm. Every believer is entitled to such blessing because we are called heirs of the kingdom of God.

They include the following:

  1. We are called holy and without fault in his eyes as a result of God’s love. (Vs 4)
  2. We were adopted into his family through Christ. (Vs 5)
  3. There was an outpouring of His Glorious grace upon us. (Vs 6)
  4. We received redemption through his blood and the forgiveness of our sins (Vs 7)
  5. We have received kindness will all wisdom which helps us know God’s mysterious plan which was to bring all things in earth and heaven together under one head who is Christ Jesus. (Vs 8-9)
  6. We have received an inheritance from God. (Vs 11)
  7. The seal of the Holy Spirit who is a deposit guaranteeing our full inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession. (Vs 13)

Paul also expresses his joy of the report he heard about the Ephesus church and this propelled him to pray more for them. Many times when the church is doing well we tend to forget to pray because we are in comfort to think the battle has been won. But when more is happening in Ministry we need to tighten up in prayer. Paul embraces true intercession and prays for the following things over the church which are vital.

He prayed that;

  1. God will give them the Spirit of revelation to know God more better
  2. The eyes of their eyes may be enlightened to know the hope to which they were called
  3. They may receive understanding to understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for them that believe

Paul explaining about Christ as one who all things have been placed under him, proves the ultimate victory of Christ against death and the devil. The confident that we need to hold unto is that Jesus won it all at the cross and that our victory of tomorrow is guaranteed.

Lastly, the blessings of God and his gifts upon the church is a proof of Christs fullness over the church.


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