Ephesians Chapter 2

Paul introduces this chapter by trying to remind the believers at Ephesus of their state before they received Christ and what position they hold at present after accepting the message of the Cross.

He wants to create the picture in their mind of the cost Jesus paid and not them bearing their own burden and penalty of sin.

He gives the following characteristics of the past life, which also characterizes the lives of unbelievers today.

  1. Being dead in transgression and sin- vs 1. We were dead because of the disobedience of man by choosing to follow the ways of the devil, the ruler of these dark world.
  2. Gratifying the cravings of the sinful nature and following its desires and thoughts- i.e. having a strong desire for the lust of the flesh- vs 3
  3. Separate from Christ- (existence of a wall of hostility) this brings the idea of alienation from God like that in the garden of Eden- vs 12a
  4. Foreigners to the covenant of promise- meaning not being entitled to the greatest gift- the crown of life (Eternal Life) and other blessings of God in the world.-vs 12b
  5. Hopeless and without God- they have no object of faith and trust in, there is no one who gives them the purpose of living.- vs 12c

He also gives the understanding of the state of believers

  1. We were made alive with Christ- the power of death was taken away-vs5
  2. We have been raised with Christ and seated with Him at the heavenly places, this tells us that God has placed us in the place of victory with Christ- vs 6
  3. Destructing of the barrier and wall of hostility and we were reconciled back to God- vs14
  4. We have access to the Father- we have been given the grace to approach his throne with confidence and plead our case just like a child would do to his father. Having the assurance that God is more than willing to listen to his sons and daughters.
  5. We have been made citizens with God’s people and members of God’s Household- we have been engrafted to him we who were once called the “Uncircumcised” (Gentiles).

Salvation is by grace, it’s by faith and not dependent of our good works. No one can count it as his doing or effort, it’s by grace (God’s unmerited favor, mercy, compassion). It is a gift from God. Any spiritual advantages is from God.

We are God’s own handiwork, recreated in Jesus Christ, as a call towards good works, showing forth his virtues. With such an understanding, any believer would do everything for the glory of God, show forth to the world the object of our faith so that when he is exalted, he will draw many to himself. This should develop the drive in us not to engage ourselves in the ways of the past because our desire is to please Him, be like him.

Jesus is chief corner stone- the stone which unites the circumcised and uncircumcised- Gentiles and Jews, in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile we all have been called to one God, saved by the same Spirit and all entitled to God’s blessing, the result is one man- one body of believers hence peace.

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