God uses Paul not only to the Jews but gives him grace to reach out and preach to the Gentiles. God incorporates the Gentiles into His Family and entitles them to partake of the riches of God’s children, since they are all members of one body.

We serve God through all our spiritual gifts as an opportunity and privilege in his abundance of his grace and mighty power working in us- vs 7.


God’s Purpose in all this was to prove and make it clear to the rulers and all authorities in the heavenly realms through the church, of his great wisdom in its rich variety. This was God’s eternal plan through Christ our Lord.

Understanding the above should be our prayer that from God’s glorious, unlimited resources, that he may empower our inner strength though his Spirit, so that Christ will make our hearts his home as we trust in Him.
As a result we will be rooted and established in love and be strong in Christ.

Also we will have to understand how wide, how long, how deep and how high. Paul uses the above dimensions to show the exceeding greatness of the love of Christ, the unsearchable riches of his love which is far higher than the heavens, deeper than hell, longer than the length of the earth and broader than the sea. This is summarized as below:

a) Breadth of his love– it encompasses the whole earth, extending to all the ages, nations and ranks of men.
b) Length of his love– means it reaches to the eternal purpose of the mission of Christ, to the eternity of blessedness to be spent in His glories. Simply from everlasting to everlasting.
c) Depth of his love– it reaches to the lowest fallen nature of the sons of Adam and to the deepest depravity of the human heart, it stoops to the lowest condition- with a design to relieve and save those who have sank into the depths of misery and sin.
d)Height of his love– it’s entitling and raising up to the heavenly happiness and glory.

Therefore we should desire to wholeheartedly comprehend such kind of love, it should be the unending character of all believers to do so.


Finally, God is always more than willing to respond to us when he says he is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or think about, he does far more than you could ever imagine or guess in your wildest dreams. He is able to carry out his purpose and infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams.

What we need to do is acknowledge that he is an all-sufficient and Almighty God.

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