Ephesians Chapter 5

Paul encourages the Ephesus church to imitate Christ in all they do and in all their living as God’s children, this means putting on the character of Christ, being like him, clothing ourselves with the attitude of Christ, seeing things in God’s perspective.

We should live a life filled with love just as Christ Loved us when he offered himself as a ransom/sacrifice to us, a pleasing aroma to God.

To what extend are we ready to sacrifice to prove our love for our friends, the unbelievers, and the body of Christ?

True love is seen when we can pay great costs and sacrifices on behalf of others. Love is the greatest commandment that Jesus uplifted and also did it by dying on the cross for the world.

Imitating God also involves us living in the light just as God is light. Living in the light involves shunning away from the following;

  1. Sexual immorality.
  2. Impurity, greed.
  3. Obscene stories.
  4. Foolish talk.
  5. coarse jokes.

All this should not have a place amongst God’s people, they should not even be mentioned, and there should not be a hint of them. All who indulge in all this evil will never inherit the kingdom of God.

God’s wrath will fall on the disobedient. Everyone has a choice to make, whether to enjoy being with God forever or suffer the wrath of God forever, I would advise like the servant of God Moses, who told the children Israel to choose between life and death.


The disobedient choose a life of wrath. The reality is that there is hell and heaven, where we will end up being depends on the choice we make today, hell was meant for the devil and fallen angels, but the Bible says in the book of Revelation chapter 12, woe unto the inhabitants of the earth because our adversary the devil has been thrown to the earth, and he does not want to go to hell alone.

So choosing to follow the devil to hell is never God’s intention for anyone, he loves us and that’s why he wants us to get to be with him forever in paradise but this only depends in which side we want to be.

“Live a life of power is dependent on the help of the Holy Spirit.”

Paul also tells the Ephesus church that to live a life of power is dependent on the help of the Holy Spirit. He encourages them to be filled with The Spirit of God and not get drunk of wine. The life of the Spirit is revived and ignited in many ways some which include singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and making music to the Lord from our hearts and offering thanksgiving to God.


Paul insists that our relationships should be Spirit-guided i.e. submission to one another (husband and wife) should be out of reverence for Christ. Paul gives a godly way of enhancing the bond in families and togetherness and how God would want things to be done in our families, Husbands to love and respect their wives, and wives to submit to their husbands as the weaker partner, as related to the relationship between Christ and the church.

This shows how God values family because the family constitutes of the body of Christ. Christ sacrificed for the church, made her holy and clean, to present a glorious church to himself without any spot or blemish. This is what husbands should do, sacrifice for their families, care, cultivate and respect their wives and love them and make them glorious to themselves for they are one.

“Imitate Christ in all you do and in all your living.”


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