Thank you for being part of our family. I thank God for you. I pray that by reading through the articles on this website, your life will no longer be the same. As I write this piece, I would like to acknowledge Pastor Timothy Kariuki, a mentor and a friend in the kingdom.

Parents praise their kids, teachers praise their students, and football fans praise their teams. In essence, no one hates to be praised. Brethren, praise is an integral part of life. We praise what we value, support and love.

What about our praises to our God?

We are supposed to offer praise to God every second of our lives. When you go through adversity, the best thing to understand is that you need strength. This strength is found in God and God is found in praise. This means that in every situation you are in either in abundance or lack, your praise to God should never diminish.

I would like you to understand this very important aspects in regard to praising our God;

Praise is an outward expression of an inner healthy spiritual life – when we are spiritually healthy, praise does not become a burden to us. When you realize that praise is becoming tiresome to you, check your spiritual life.

Praise is the response of being filled with the spirit of God – when filled with the Holy Spirit, all you can do is praise. Without the Holy Spirit, praise becomes a hard road.

Praise is the spiritual medium through which we transfer our burdens to God – its only through praise that you are able to speak out your heart to God.

Brethren, when we understand the power behind praise, nothing will ever come as a hurdle that we cannot overcome.

Why is praise important?

What is in praise that makes it important to the life of any believer?

  1. God is in praise

God dwells in the praises of his people (Ps 22:3). Praise is God’s spiritual habitat. This is where he is always found. You can search everywhere else but you’ll find him through praise.

2) Revelation is in praise.

We are in a kingdom where everything that belongs to us is given to us through the platform of revelation. To get this revelation, your heart must be full of praise. Revelation is not accorded to a gloomy heart.

3) Fresh anointing is in praise.

Praise facilitates the release of fresh anointing to us. You will only receive fresh anointing for your life or the ministry you serve in when you live a life of praise.

Brethren, praise should be an integral part of any believer’s life. The abundance of things should drive you to praise God. Let not what you accomplish, have or want to accomplish deviate you from praising God.

Learn to engage praise in every aspect of your life and trust me, things will change. How has your praise to God been? It’s time we learn and pray for the grace to be people who offer our complete praise to God.



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