We’ve all celebrated Christmas in various ways. Almost every home that I have been to, I found every kind of delicacy being prepared. Families have been seen enjoying themselves and all over the world, spirits have been high. It’s such a wonderful time.

What worries me is that, has the birth of Jesus brought any impact in our lives? Since we have celebrated so much, have our lives been changed? Can we stand and say that through the birth of Jesus, our lives have been transformed?

I would like us to come out of the normalcy of Christmas and get to realize the power behind the birth of Jesus. It’s not just about having fun, travel and family gatherings.

Apart from everything you know, believe or you have done during this Christmas, there is one thing I want you to know and trust me it will keep your 2019 going.

Luke 1:37 – “For there is nothing that God cannot do.”

These are words that the angle told Mary when he came to deliver his message about Mary having a son.

We all know that for a woman to bear a child, she must have had relations with a man. Meaning it’s very impossible for a virgin to bear a child. This is a very different situation where Mary is told that she will bear a child through the power of the Holy Spirit – something which Mary saw as impossible. Am very sure most of us still cannot believe that can surely happen. Mary was deeply troubled just like most of us would wonder.

The angle tells her that nothing is impossible with God. She is also told that her relative Elizabeth who people said she is barren has also conceived. This brings about two scenarios where the impossible happens. Getting a child through the Holy Spirit and a barren old woman also having conceived.

This Christmas I want you to know that everything is possible with God. When I knew this, hope rejuvenated in side of me. I knew that what seemed hard and impossible can be accomplished.

The birth of Christ brings hope in our lives. Hope that we can face everything that comes our way. I know that you are going to make it through 2019 why? Jesus is born and what seemed impossible is possible with God.

There is one thing you need to do. Surrender all to Christ. When the angle told this to Mary, she said, “And may it happen to me as you have said.” This means she surrendered to the will of God. Everything is possible with God, just surrender yourself to the will of God.



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