Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations that even our family members are reluctant to help us. People may help but at some point get tired if the situation do not improve.

We all need someone reliable to help and stand with us during trying times. There was this woman in 2nd kings 4, who the husband had died and two of her sons were to be taken away because of a debt unpaid. This woman had reached that point where no one wanted to associate with her. Even her relatives would not help her in paying her husband’s debt.

This is the point most of us are. A point where the people closest to us may abandon us.  Where can we turn to for help?

David looks at his life, all that he has gone through and he realizes that no man could or can help him out of some of the situations he is or was in. This is why he says in Psalms 121:2, “My help comes from the Lord who made the Heaven and the earth.”

Brethren, Jesus is the only perfect helper we have. When you pass through difficulty, when things in your family won’t work out, when your job is in turbulence, when any situation arises, he is and will remain the only true helper.

We may be deceived by the looks of people, we may be carried away by their one time help but always remember, a time may come when everyone will run away but Jesus won’t.

One may ask, “Where was He when I faced a certain situation?”

Remember, God is always ready to help us. All that determines the magnitude of his help is how you position yourself to receive his help. Don’t forget this, “You are not self-made, you are Christ made.” Without Christ we cease to exist. His input in the equation of our lives is what sustains us.

I love what David says in Psalms 23, “The Lord is my shepherd (to feed, guide and shield me) I shall not lack.” (AMP) David understood that with Jesus everything works out.

Have you passed through so much to a point of neglecting Jesus?

Did you at one time doubt his ability to help you?

It’s time to make a U-turn. Look at the following attributes that make Jesus the exceptional perfect helper to us:

He carries our burdens tirelessly – a time may reach when men get tired but Jesus won’t. Even at Calvary he never got tired. Despite the painful things done to him, He still remained true to us.

He moves us from one level to another – with Jesus there is no stagnation. He helps us improve our lives. He always guides us in the paths of righteousness.

He makes life easy for us – when things harden up, Jesus takes the wheel and drives us through the turbulence until we become successful.

He is the forerunner – Jesus makes a way where there is no way. With him, no barrier remains standing.

He does not magnify our weakness – one fact about people is that once they realize your weakness, it will be their assignment to magnify it. With Jesus, we are made strong in our weakness.

Who will you turn to in time of distress? JESUS.

When everyone else leaves, who remains true to us? JESUS.

Brethren, the only true helper is Jesus. He never tires, he takes us from one level to another, he makes life easy for us, he runs in front of us to make a way and in all that we pass through, he never magnifies our weaknesses.



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