We all want to attain the most out of our lives. Each one of us wants to be successful. Why is it that most of us fail to attain the God intended purposes in our lives?

Today I would like us to see into detail what hinders our success or rather the barriers to us attaining the heights God intended for us. When each one of us attains the purpose for which he/she was created for, then we could not be having some of the problems we are having today as a society.

The Israelites were promised Canaan but not all of them saw the land. In fact most of them died before they could see what was in store for them. Canaan is God’s symbol of mankind’s maximized potential. This means that your Canaan is that point where you attain into totality what God has placed for you.

1st Corinthians 10:6-10 gives us a clear picture of what made most of the Israelites fail to reach the land promised for them. These reasons made them fail to attain what God had for them. These are the same reasons that have made most of us fail to attain the heights God has placed for us.

We live in confusion with regard to God’s faithfulness but we forget to address these very important aspects of life.

Now, what makes us fail to attain our purpose in life?

  • LUST

1st Corinthians 10:6 – “…for us not to desire or crave or covet or lust after evil and carnal things as they did.”

Lust is not necessarily sexual lust. Lust is all about satisfying oneself at the expense of God and others. Lust is the craving to do evil. It’s being caught up in wanting to do things our own way. A lustful person seeks to satisfy what is his/hers.

You will never accomplish what God has intended for your life if you are full of lust.


1st Corinthians 10:7-“do not be worshipers of false gods as some of them were…”

This is the worship of idols. It’s esteeming something to be of more worth or devotion than God. Most of us have been caught up in these things without knowing. Our phones, businesses, popularity, girlfriends and boyfriends have become our gods. We have shifted our attention from God to these things.

As long as our God comes second in your life, you won’t be able to reach the heights you desire.


1st Corinthians 10:8- “we must not gratify evil desires and indulge in immorality…”

This includes every kind of sexual sin. When we indulge in any kind of sexual sin either physically or by our minds, we deprive ourselves of the blessing bestowed for us.

We live in a society where sex is viewed as something normal but you have to realize that sex is holy. Tasting the waters before marriage or testing for compatibility is one of the main reasons most people fail to attain their purpose.



1st Corinthians 10:9 – “we must not try to get Christ to serve us instead of us serving him.”

This is demanding God to do what is contrary to his will. Most of us today do things contrary to what God requires and expects God to bless us.  When we do things unpleasant to God and expect him to bless us, we block our way to receiving his blessing. Tempting God is mocking him.


1st Corinthians 10:10- “Nor discontentedly complain as some of them did…”

Complains block our blessing. This is negative confession and criticizing. Most of us never acknowledge the goodness of God in our lives. We never thank him for the small things that he has done to us. All we do is complain and murmur. Complaining is the killer disease of your destiny.


Brethren, for us to accomplish, attain and realize the purpose God has for us and our own ambitions, we have to let go the 5 things above. You were created for greatness and the only hindrance to attaining the greatness are the ones we create. The 5 things above do not come from others, they are what we choose or choose not to do.

Make the right choice. Your path to greatness is clear.



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