Praise Jesus brothers and sisters, I hope you are well in the Lord. Servanthood is a topic that really affects most of the Christians today. Most of us fail to understand the basics of servanthood and therefore end up doing contrary to what is expected and most probably pleasing to our eyes but not to God.

I would like us to look into detail what regards servanthood and how we are to be the best servants of Jesus Christ.

We live in a world that advocates for ambition and pride but God desires something greater than our personal ambitions. God needs us to be servants. In human perspective, servants are of lowest position. Contrary, servants take the highest rank in Gods eyes.

A servant is a person who sets aside all his rights to serve the master. In ancient times, servants were bought. They had to serve the master until death. As Christians, we are servants of Christ. We ought to set aside all our rights and serve him.

1st Corinthians 6:20 says, “You were bought at a price. So then honor God and bring glory to him in your body.”

When Christ died on the cross, he purchased us. We were made his. This is the reason when we give our lives to Christ, we desire to abandon all rights and choose to serve him faithfully. Brethren, servanthood is not for a day, a week or a month. Servanthood is a lifetime commitment that you make.

Gods call to servanthood is like being called into military. As soldiers offer themselves fully for the nation, we are to fully offer ourselves for the kingdom of God.

You cannot work for something you don’t believe in. Therefore, Servanthood rubber stamps our trust and belief in God. This is a call into a new way of life.

What makes you a good servant?

Isaiah was called into servanthood in Isaiah 6:1-8 via a vision. He accepted the call to serve God fully. Remember he was a man of faith. Isaiah’s journey as Gods servant was successful because he had a personal relationship with God.

Brethren, for you to be a good servant, your relationship with God has to be right. You have to be well acquainted with God. You will never be able to present to others what God wants without you being well acquainted with Him first.

Your relationship with God is the foundation of the servanthood in you. We follow the example of Christ with regard to our service life. Jesus left all the heavenly privileges for our sake. This is how we are to give out ourselves to serving the kingdom of God. Regardless of our status, we ought to be faithful in service to our God.

The abundance of things should not hinder us from serving God but it should propel us to serving him more and with zeal. All you have to do is identify your area of service. Ask God for the grace to serve with humility and excellence.


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