Praise God brethren, I hope you are well in the Lord. We have at most times failed to understand the difference between a believer and a disciple. Some of us take this two words to have the same meaning.

What does it mean to be a believer of Christ and a disciple of Christ?

Who are we to be?

Let me start by defining these words. A believer is someone who believes Jesus Christ is who he claims to be (the son of God). He/she believes Jesus, His teachings and believes Him for eternal life.

A disciple is one who commits to Jesus. He/she does what Jesus does. He imitates Christ. A disciple is one who leaves everything else, follows and commits to doing or improving his/her life to be like Christ’s.

This is very important,

“Not all believers are disciples.”

Believers only listen to what is being taught but do not translate the teachings into action. We might have faith but without translating the faith and belief into action, we won’t have any impact.

Mathew 8:31 – “Jesus said to the people who BELIEVED in him, “You are truly my DISCIPLES if you keep obeying my teachings.” (NLT).

There are two sets of people here, believers who had belief in Jesus and disciples who they were to become if they obey (to do, practice) what Jesus taught.

Jesus understood this principle, that for impact to be realized, for us sons and daughters of the kingdom to enjoy full privileges of the kingdom, we do not have to be believers only but disciples. This is why in Matthew 28:19-20 he instructs us to go into the whole world, not making believers but making disciples.

Let me explain who a disciple is.  A disciple is a doer of what the teacher does. He/she imitates the teacher. A believer only accepts what the teacher says as true but does not practice what the teacher says.

Get this very clearly, being a believer is not a sin. I also do not condemn being a believer but, for us to fully enjoy salvation, we ought to be disciples.

We are required to be doers of the word not just people who accept the word as true but not practicing it. Some may say that, “If I believe, there is no need to show off.”

James 2:19 – “Do you still think it’s enough to believe that there is one God? Well, even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.” (NLT)

The demons believe that God exists. Demons believe in the sovereignty of God. They tremble. What makes the difference is the ability to put into action what our master Jesus teaches us to.

Luke 6:40 “A student is not greater than the teacher but the student who works hard will become like the teacher.”

For us to be a reflection of who Christ is, we have to strive hard to do what he teaches us. This is why Paul says, “I am not yet perfect, but I strive to attain the mark.” Paul realized the secret in doing not just believing.

For us to enjoy the benefits of the kingdom entirely, we have to be doers of the word. Let’s not just wait for prosperity gospel, follow miracles but fail to understand the true mystery of the kingdom.

A disciple listens to the master, watches the master in action, performs the actions with the master, he/she is then able to perform the actions alone and ultimately teach others.

The reason why most of us have failed to evangelize is because we are mere believers. We cannot be able to put into practice what our master does. Look at the disciples. They laid hand on sick people, they cast demons out, just like their master did. The true discipleship is being able to learn from the master, putting into action and teach others.

Who are we to be?

We are to be more than people who believe but be people who put into action the word of God. Let’s be true disciples, let’s be doers of the word.

This is the reason most us cannot even pray for the sick. We do not even believe that we have been given that authority. The devil has played games with our lives because he knows that we have not yet unleashed the power within us.

The only way for a Christian to unleash the authority bestowed within is by being a disciple, a doer of what our master teaches us.

Brethren, it’s time we change course and be disciples not mere believers. SHALOM!



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