Does a song qualify to be termed as gospel by mention of God in the lyrics?

What qualifies a person to be a gospel musician?

I have so many questions in mind. Recently, one of the termed as “gospel musicians” Willy Paul hit the headlines regarding his character on stage. Not him alone but today, the gospel music industry is full of artists whose intentions are diverse.

Is there a boundary between gospel and secular music? Yes. Why then are we living in times when the two tend to bear the same bearing?


John 4: 23 – “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the father seeks.” (NIV)

A song is made a gospel song by the help of the Holy Spirit. Any song regardless of the message or lyrics, without the Holy Spirit, it is secular. Brethren it’s time we uphold the standards that God requires.

I have gone to churches where a song is sang and the manifestation of God is felt. I have also been to churches where songs are sang but it’s just like a show.

This is the time when TRUE worshipers shall worship God. Not just the way they like, not the way they see fit, but in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.

We may try to justify the kind of music we sing or listen to but when the constant (Holy Spirit) is not in the equation then we are lost. Without the Holy Spirit in the song, without the backing of the Holy Spirit, that music is secular.

God does not look at the lyrics. He is not after how you perform. What God is after the kind of worship you give to him. Is your heart in its right state of worship?

When you are spirit filled, the spirit will help you know the truth. By this truth, you will be able to know what kind of music pleases God. You will distinguish worship from mere acting.

Get this clearly, there is a difference between singing about God and singing to God. Singing about God is like singing about your life experience. You can mention all that happened to you. When singing about God, you can mention Him or say anything regarding Him since he is the subject. Many of our “gospel artists” sing about God. This has brought a confusion in that those singing about God think they are gospel musicians. Wrong!

People sing about many things and you can choose to sing about God but that is not worship. It’s time we ask the Holy Spirit to help us offer true worship to God. These are the kind of worshipers the father seeks.

When we try to lower down the standards of God with the excuse of bringing people to Christ, we lose the whole picture. This is what is happening today. The devil has sugar coated this lie to the point which it seems more true the truth itself. God requires us to maintain the standard. Christ is the one who saves not our music, not our dances, not how we may dress to look like them, brethren let this sink, CHRIST IS THE ONLY ONE WHO SAVES!

Let’s therefore stop watering down the standards set by God.

I pray that God gives us the grace to be true worshipers. People who worship God in spirit. I pray that we may know the truth and be a generation of spirit filled musicians. Musicians who worship not by the way they see fit to them, not according to the trends of the day, not according to what is termed as acceptable, not as it pleases to the eyes of men, not by what is viewed as public dominance BUT by what touches the heart of God.

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