Prayer is one of the most respected aspects of Christian life. Everyone uses prayer as a central reference (point) for religious conversing with divinity (God).

On the contrary, most Christians have not enjoyed the fruits of prayer since it has become the most abused part of Christian life. A huge percentage of Christians do not have adequate knowledge and understanding about prayer.

For this reason, prayer has been used for wrong purposes and ultimately for most Christians, prayer has become a cliché.

Why pray?

The misguided concept in all this is assuming that everyone who prays is right with God. Everyone prays! What makes prayer effective is the motive behind the prayer. God is not interested in the words you use. What captures the heart of God is the state of the heart.

To be sincere, some prayers open up passages for the devil to attack us. Concluding prayer by, “…in Jesus name Amen” does not make our prayer efficient. It doesn’t guarantee the answering of that prayer. It does not mean that God is happy with the prayer.


“The attitude of the heart behind the prayer captures

the attention of God more than the words used.”


Prayer is not just a religious anthem. It’s not just a thing you can jump to. Brethren, prayer is the bridge between divinity and humanity. It has to be taken seriously.

Using heavy words, talking in tongues or quoting scriptures does not make a person successful in prayer, brothers and sisters, it’s more about your heart motive.

How has your prayer life been?

Has your prayer life bore fruits?

Let’s be frank. If your prayer life has not been efficient, it does not mean God is not listening. In fact, Christ already made a full provision for you through his death on the cross. Prayer is receiving by faith what has already been done.

Now, ask yourself these questions,

1) What have been my motives in prayer?

2) Are my prayers motivated by love?

3) Have my prayers been in line with the will of God?

4) What does God require of me?

Don’t miss out on part 2. Let’s help redefine your prayer life. SHALOM!

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