One of the greatest stumbling blocks the body of Christ faces comes from the undecided nature of believers to differentiate between their desire to serve and their intention to serve.

Many Christians today desire to serve God wholeheartedly, but their intentions to serve are perverse.


The question here is, “Why do you want to serve?”

Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have or do something. Intention on the other hand is an aim or a plan. Your desire may be pure but the outcome of your service is determined by your intention.

In John 12:42, many people including Jewish leaders believed in Christ but could not admit it. They had a desire (a longing for Christ) but they were unwilling to take certain actions that would fulfill their desire to follow Christ. John 12:42B says that they feared they would be expelled from the synagogue by the Pharisees.

Brethren the fear of man kills our intention to do things that bring us closer to God. Some of us desire intimacy with God but we fail in our intention to do what is required.

You may desire to eat apples but when you have no intention of going to the market to buy some or going to the garden to pick some, you won’t fulfill your desire to eat apples because you won’t have apples to eat.

The baseline,

Your intention brings about action that will help fulfill the desire within you. With no intention of letting go some of these behaviors, addictions or associations, you will fail to fulfill your desire to encounter God.

For your desire to be fulfilled, you must intend to do something that is out of the box. You have to intend to go an extra mile.

Do you want to encounter God? What are your intentions? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to let go? What is your motive?

John 12:43 – “For they loved the approval and praise from men more than praise from God.”

When you want approval from God, your intentions must be right. What do you want to achieve? You must be ready to lay off some behaviors, addictions, associations. Do you intend to do all these?

The fulfillment of your desire is hidden in your intention to go an extra mile even if it means letting go some things which seem so comfortable.

I know you desire so much to encounter God in your life. The big question here remains, “Do you intend to get out of that comfort zone?”

Desire Verses intention. Your desires will only be fulfilled when your intentions bring about actions. Not just actions but actions that propagate fulfillment of desire regardless of the terrain.

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